Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector Review – The Complete Guide


Can you fit your TV in your backpack can, it change its screen size the answer is, yes to both of those and we are writing about the vankyo leisure 3 mini projector review because of its feature of more affordable?

Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector Review- Features


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but the question is are they right for, you Vankyo, leisure 3 mini projector review will be going, over key features who this product is, for how it compares to the competition, and whether or not the vankyo leisure 3  mini projector review suits, your needs stay tuned. 

vankyo leisure 3 mini projector is a  white plastic rectangular, the design is nothing special to look at, well there are certain design feature.

We can appreciate the mini projector feels, and looks a bit like a cheap toy, measuring just eight inches on its, longest side and weighing in at well, under 4 pounds.


This vankyo Leisure 3 projector review is, definitely portable enough to bring with, you on during travel and compact enough, to use even in smaller spaces like a, dorm room small apartment or camping.

We can see how its really designed for, someone who wants to be able to move, their projector around on a whim or take, it with them to events.

Vankyo Leisure 3, even comes with its own carrying case, for better portability.

So that makes, packing it up even easier the, manufacturer recommends 6.5 feet as the, optimal viewing distance.

but you can play around with it to suit your needs, as for screen size this projector can go, as small as 32 inches to as large.

as 170, inches remember we’re talking about, diagonal screen size measurement from, the lower corner to its opposing upper corner.

so technically if we do the math, that’s up to a 14-foot TV screen which, is really a small movie screen at that, point.

but do keep in mind that with the, larger throw size you will lose image, quality okay

2. Picture Quality

let’s get to the main point, how does the picture look, although the Vankyo leisure three states, that it is a projector with full HD,1080p resolution.

our first thought was, there is no way this thing is going to, project a quality image because it looks, like a toy surprisingly the projection, was decent with good colour and contrast.

but we found the bulb to not be very, bright which makes sense since it’s only, rated to 2200 Lux, we weren’t really satisfied until we, went into the basement and had very, little ambient light around us and being, in a dark room seems to be the only way, to get a decent projection.

now assuming, you will be using it in the dark then, you’ll be impressed with the colour you, do get out of this vankyo leisure 3 mini projector reviews the only, problem is that the focus and sharpness, of the image, isn’t as good as it can be.

but on the other hand, we are talking, about a mini projector that sells for, under $100, you can’t expect to be able to compare, it to high-end models that are hundreds, to thousands of dollars.

in general, we would say this projector is not suitable, for business situations or spaces with a  lot of ambient light the amount of light, needed for meeting attendees to take, notes and read supplemental materials.

would be too much unless you’re able to, get the same level of darkness like in a, basement or room with no windows.

you’ll, find yourself frustrated with the image, quality as for other types of devices, you can connect to the projector, those include DVD players game consoles, a Chromecast or Amazon fire stick a, computer and


so forth the USB input is, what we found most useful if you format, a USB stick with movies music or images, and insert it into the USB slot the vankyo leisure 3 mini projector can access folders with a, rudimentary file system by using a, low-profile 128 gigabyte USB stick.

you, can easily pack up the Vankyo projector, along with about 30 movie files for, outdoor viewing which works great for, backyard events or a family camping trip.

we found the setup process for the vankyo three simple and quick we, plugged it in turned it on and tested, out the VGA and HDMI connections with, our laptop.

we press the auto-detect, button and our computer screen came, right up on the projection surface.

you can adjust the kickstand on the bottom, of the projector to raise the image, higher on your projection surface and, easily use the Keystone to adjust the image.

we didn’t have any problem finding, the right setting for the Keystone there, is a pair of adjustment ring set right, behind the lens itself you might find, the focus a little trickier the lens, fits loosely and sometimes wobbles so, you may need to work a bit longer on, that the Vankyo leisure 3 mini projector review has a 2,000 to 1 contrast, ratio.

while most projectors in this,price range only offer a 1,000 to 1,contrast ratio so that’s one up for the,leisure 3 the fan of the Vankyo is pretty,impressive and how quiet.



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it is you know, it’s running but it doesn’t really,affect the viewing experience and runs, cooler than expected the speaker is, located on the back but it’s very small, and not very powerful on the bright side.

you can easily connect to external, speakers for better sound quality we, assume that most would choose to do that,anyway so this is not that big of a,problem.

the remote for the vankyo, proved useful at times but it does not,have light-up buttons so since the vankyo works best in absolute darkness.

you will have trouble making out the key, suppress and of course now we come to, the best part of the van Keogh leisure 3, it’s under $90 price tag you will be hard-pressed to find a better mini, projector at this same price point, bottom line.

the vankyo leisure 3 mini projector review is a,good value for its level of quality,and a very popular option mostly because,it’s so affordable currently priced at,eighty nine ninety nine.

 leisure three does what it’s supposed to, do but don’t expect too much from the, viewing experience projectors.


in this, the price range is definitely for budget, home entertainment systems or for, occasional use as a novelty and fun to, take on camping trips or maybe play the occasional movie outside after a  barbeque or family gathering cheap, projectors sacrifice brightness image, quality contrast and projection size to, get their prices.

so low we would not recommend the vankyo leisure 3 for, home use on a regular basis if you want, a better quality projector with brighter, image look for something that is 3,200, lumens or brighter and with a higher, resolution.

if you’re looking for, something with higher quality we, recommend you take a look at the MSC a,100 it may be slightly more expensive, but it’s 3,500 lumens of brightness,3,500 to 1 higher contrast ratio in 1920, by 1200 resolution makes a big, difference

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