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Investing in the best investment books is the best way to make your money work, to make more money. But it may be risky for a beginner or someone who’s unaware of the market. A lot of people have lost their money in spectacular investing. It is very essential for you to learn the intelligent way of investing, to avoid loss and assure secure returns. Reading best investment books on investing will guide you by providing the right knowledge and techniques of successful investors that will help you earn safe returns.

Here, is the list of the best investment books you would require to uplift your investing knowledge:

The Intelligent Investor – Best Investment Books



It is a widely acclaimed best investment books by Benjamin Graham on value investing. Written by one of the greatest investment advisers of the twentieth century, the book aims at preventing potential investors from substantial errors and also teaches them strategies to achieve long-term investment goals.

Over the years, the investment book market has been following the teachings and strategies of Graham for growth and development. In the best investment book, Graham has explained various principles and strategies for investing safely and successfully without taking bigger risks. Modern-day investors still continue to use his proven and well-executed techniques for value investment.

The current edition highlights some of the important concepts that are useful for the latest financial orders and plans. Keeping Graham’s unique text in original form, the best invest book focuses on major principles that can be applied in day-to-day life. All the concepts and principles are explained with the help of examples for better clarity and understanding of the financial world. It is one of the best investment books of all times.

A combination of the original plan of Graham and the current financial situation is the reason behind this book’s preference for today’s investors. It is a detailed version with several wisdom quotes that are likely to change one’s investing career and lead to the path of financial safety and security.

Learn to Earn – Investment Book



Best Investment Books:Learn to Earn – A Beginner’s Guide to The Basics of Investing and Business was written to fulfill two reasons, one was to make sure that the ‘rich get richer, poor get poorer’ principle doesn’t dwell in business for long. The second reason was to let the common people make a living out of associating with the brands they use every day.

Almost every second teenager wears a Nike product to a basketball game. Three out of five families stop at a McDonalds for lunch during a road trip. Nestle is much more than just a household name. and State Bank of India holds the largest number of savings bank accounts in the country. Yet, how many of these customers are investing in their relationships with these brands? More importantly, how many are aware that they can? This investment books is for those who are not making use of this.

Not only do the authors, Lynch and Rothchild, explain that you don’t have to know it all to make it big in business but they also go a step ahead and tell you how to earn out of every sip of Coca Cola you swallow. Learn to Earn – A Beginner’s Guide to The Basics of Investing and Business is not just a guide to the basics of investing and business but it is also a guide to setting your own milestones. The best investment book also tells you the best ways of achieving these milestones.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book

the millionaire realestate investor


Best Investment Books: Anyone who seeks financial wealth must first learn the fundamental truths and models that drive it. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor represents the collected wisdom and experience of over 100 millionaire investors from all walks of life who pursued financial wealth and achieved the life-changing freedom it delivers. This investment book–in straightforward, no-nonsense, easy-to-read style–reveals their proven strategies.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is your investment handbook to the tried and true financial wealth-building vehicle that rewards patience and perseverance and is available to all–real estate. You’ll learn:

  • Myths about money and investing that hold person back and how to develop the mindset of a millionaire investor
  • How to develop sound criteria for identifying great real estate investment opportunities
  • How to zero in on the key terms of any transaction and achieve the best possible deals
  • How to develop the “dream team” that will help you build your millionaire investment business
  • Proven models and strategies millionaire investors use to track their net worth, understand their finances, build their network, lead generate for properties and acquire them

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is about you and your money. It’s about your financial potential. It’s about discovering the millionaire investor in you.

Best Investment Books: The Four Pillars of Investing

4 pillars of investing


“With relatively little effort, you can design and assemble an investment portfolio that, because of its wide diversification and minimal expenses, will prove superior to the most professionally managed accounts. Great intelligence and good luck are not required.”

William Bernstein’s commonsense approach to portfolio construction has served investors well during the past turbulent decade―and it’s what made The Four Pillars of Investing an instant classic when it was first published nearly a decade ago.

This down-to-earth is the best investment book lays out in easy-to-understand prose the four essential topics that every investor must master: the relationship of risk and reward, the history of the market, the psychology of the investor and the market, and the folly of taking financial advice from investment salespeople.

Bernstein pulls back the curtain to reveal what really goes on in today’s financial industry as he outlines a simple program for building wealth while controlling risk. Straightforward in its presentation and generous in its real-life examples, The Four Pillars of Investing presents a no-nonsense discussion of:

  • The art and science of mixing different asset classes into an effective blend
  • The dangers of actively picking stocks, as opposed to investing in the whole market
  • Behavioural finance and how the state of mind can adversely affect decision making
  • Reasons the mutual fund and brokerage industries, rather than your partners, are often your most direct competitors
  • Strategies for managing all of your assets―savings, 401(k)s, home equity―as one portfolio.

You can be a Stock Market Genius – Investment Books

you can be a stock market genius


Can a best investment book teach you how to beat the pants off the stock market? After all, billion-dollar portfolio managers can’t do it — and if they can’t, they figure no one can. Business-school professors not only say it’s impossible, but they can cart out plenty of statistics to prove it. So, why should you buy this investment book? Because Joel Greenblatt has been beating the pants off the stock market (with returns of 50 percent a year) for more than ten years. And now he’s willing to show you how to do it, too.

Here, in this witty and accessible guide, you’ll learn the secret hiding places of stock market profits. You’ll see how simple it is to succeed where the professionals and the professors have failed. No special tools are required. No degrees are needed. All it takes is a little time and a little effort, and You Can Be a Stock Market Genius.

But who’s Joel Greenblatt and why should you listen to him? He’s the former chairman of a Fortune 500 company and founder of Gotham Capital, an investment partnership whose stock portfolio achieved returns of $52 for each $1 invested at its inception. Now he’s ready to reveal all his secrets.

You’ll learn the hidden value and the incredible profits that lie waiting in those uncharted areas where the individual investor has a huge advantage over the Wall Street pros. This is not a book full of theoretical possibilities; You Can Be a Stock Market Genius is a practical guide to finding those special situations in which big profits are possible. It’s all here, including specific case studies, the background information you need, and the tools you’ll use. If you’re an investor who wants to beat the market, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to be a stock market genius, just think of this investment book as your personal treasure map to the secret hiding places of the stock market profits that you’ve been looking for.

The Warren Buffett Way Book


Borrowing a leaf from an accomplished life is enough to decode success, says Robert G. Hagstrom in his book, The Warren Buffett Way. The author goes on to analyze various moves and decisions made by Warren E. Buffett. This investment book explores the forethought of a man who commenced his entrepreneurial ambitions with a mere 100 dollars in his pocket and ended up building a $20 billion empire.

The author has observed Buffett’s numerous pathbreaking ventures over a period of ten years. During his research, the author made sure to include even minor aspects related to the entrepreneur. Being a philanthropist and the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren E. Buffett was born in 1930. From selling chewing gum and Coca-Cola to his neighbors to becoming the wealthiest man in the world, this book gives new perspectives to prospective entrepreneurs.

This investment book traces an inspirational career with precision and justifies it with the help of adept examples that are used throughout. The author also gives significance to the maverick strategies used by Warren Buffet during the global economic stagnancy and tension. The third edition of The Warren Buffett Way, +Website was published by in the year 2014 by Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. It is available in paperback format.

Key Features:

  • It gives various insights into the strategies and research-oriented investment decisions of Warren Buffett.
  • It highlights the factors that go into ensuring the longevity of an organization.
  • The investment book explains the importance of planned-business philosophies in simple terms.

Market Wizards – Best Investment Books

market wizards


The world’s top trader reveals the secrets of their phenomenal success!

How do the world’s most successful traders amass tens, hundreds of millions of dollars a year? Are they masters of occult knowledge, lucky winners in a random market lottery, natural-born virtuosi—Mozarts of the markets? In search of an answer, bestselling author Jack D. Schwager interviewed dozens of top traders across most financial markets. While their responses differed in the details, all of them could be boiled down to the same essential formula: solid methodology + proper mental attitude = trading success. In Market Wizards Schwager lets you hear, in their own words, what those super-traders had to say about their unprecedented successes, and he distils their responses down into a set of guiding principles you can use to become a trading star in your own right.

  • Features interviews with superstar money-makers including Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones, Michel Steinhardt, Ed Seykota, Marty Schwartz, Tom Baldwin, and more
  • Tells the true stories behind sensational trading coups, including the one about the trader who turned $30,000 into $80 million, the hedge fund manager who’s averaged 30% returns every year for the past twenty-one years, and the T-bond futures trader who parlayed $25,000 into $2 billion in a single day!

“Market Wizards is one of the most fascinating investment books ever written about Wall Street. A few of the ‘Wizards’ are my friends—and Jack Schwager has nailed their modus operandi on the head.”
–Martin W. Zweig, Ph.D., Editor, The Zweig Forecast.

Trade and Grow Rich – Investment Books

trade and grow rich


Is it your personal quest to find out what has made some traders so successful?

Why do 5% of traders take all the money from 95% of losers?

The answer is nothing less than a revelation!

The authors of this investment book have formulated their journey of studying some of the most successful traders in the world into concise principles that, when acted upon, can help one achieve their dream to become a successful trader.

For over a decade, the authors have studied the world’s successful traders. Based on their learnings, they started practicing it and are now part of the 5%.

Trade and Grow Rich teaches not just concepts but also methods with the help of anecdotes. This investment book has to be read one chapter at a time, rather than just being a one-time read. If you want to enjoy an adventurous journey to become a successful trader, then this is the book you are looking for!

Passive Income In 90 Days Book

passive income in 90 days



Learn 3 Simple Ways to Start Making $1K – $10K in Passive Income Per Month, in as little as 90 Days

If you’ve ever wanted to know the secret to create passive income in the quickest and easiest way – so that you can make extra money, or even replace your income…This book will give you the answers you need.

In this book, you will learn 3 simple, yet powerful strategies to generate Passive Income in as little as 90 days.

In this book you will learn about:

– How to Make $1K – $5K a Month Selling Video Courses on Udemy

– How to Make $500 – $5000 a Month Selling Kindle EBooks, While Doing Very Little Writing.

– How to Passively Make up to $10K a Month Selling Your Own Physical Products on Amazon.

So, if you’re ready to get out of the “Rat Race,” or if you’re tired of trading time for money – and you want to create enough passive income to become financially free, then pick up a copy of this simple yet powerful investment book today – and learn how you can start doing it right away.

Get Your Copy Today and Start Building Passive Income Right Away! 

The Coffeehouse Investor – Best Investment Books

the coffeehouse investor


In 1998, after thirteen years of providing investment advice for Smith Barney, Bill Schultheis wrote a simple investment book for people who felt overwhelmed by the stock market. He had discovered that when you simplify your investment decisions, you end up getting better returns. As a bonus, you gain more time for family, friends, and other pursuits.

The Coffeehouse Investor explains why we should stop thinking about top-rated stocks and mutual funds, shifts in interest rates, and predictions for the economy. Stop trying to beat the stock market average, which few “experts” ever do. Instead, just remember three simple principles: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And save for a rainy day.

By focusing more on your passions and creativity and less on the daily ups and downs, you will actually build more wealth—and improve the quality of your life at the same time.

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