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It is safe to say that you are searching for an extraordinary sitar instrument to play? A sitar instrument is a culled string instrument that has been prominently played in the Classical Indian music. It has thoughtful strings that are tuned to vibrate and deliver sound when the strings are contacted.

The sitar is tuned to an old-style scale that is played with a pick alluded to as mezrab. There are plenty of things you have to consider when purchasing a sitar instrument. This is on the grounds that a decent sitar comprises of various things. This review is a guide for you that will help you in picking the best sitar instrument.

1) Maharaja Musicals Electric Sitar Instrument

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One of the most well-known sitar instrument is the Maharaja Musical Electric Sitar instrument. This sitar has KharajPancham style and is made utilizing Tun wood. It includes a ¼ inches jack with 7 principle strings and 13 Taraf strings. These strings are tuned with conventional sitar pegs. The primary strings are tuned with guitar style pegs. This makes tuning simple permitting you to have a more extensive scope of notes.

The scaffold is produced using camel bones that make it hearty. The sitar instrument is of high quality with incredible craftsmanship. The exhibition of the sitar is smooth and extraordinary for sorts of events.

It accompanies a Piezo pickup that permits you to play the sitar instrument with incredible exactness. It has a solitary wooden toomba that helps in delivering a warm, rich and incredible sound. The volume and tone controls are situated in the front. The Maharaja Electric Sitar instrument is a perfect alternative to create an electric sound for any band.

The feel of the sitar incorporates a lovely trim work with botanical cutting. The shade of the Maharaja Sitar is a characteristic wood shading that is made all the more engaging with the cutting.

The Maharaja Musicals Electric Studio Edition Sitar instrument is an extraordinary decision for all performers.

2) Banjira Standard Padded Gig Bag Sitar

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Following up is the Banjira Standard Sitar Instrument. This sitar highlights 5 fundamental strings, 11 thoughtful strings, and 2 chikara strings. The sitar has a twofold fiberglass little toomba that helps in creating brilliant, rich and clear reverberation.

The sitar is handmade making it unique and exceptional. The body, gourd, and neck of the sitar instrument have a dark colored completion. It has a lovely cutting and a shiny complexion that makes it engaging. The worries on the fretboard are 20 that are flexible, and the scaffold is made of bone. This makes the sitar reliable and builds its life span.

The soundboard of the sitar has tuning dots and two swan tuning dots. This empowers you to approach the full scope of notes. The sitar instrument is intended to offer incredible progress of notes and to give fantastic execution. With the smallest touch, it can create a reasonable and brilliant tone.

Also, the Banjira Standard Sitar instrument accompanies a cushioned gig pack that will guard your sitar. For simple playing, a mezrab is likewise given and a tuning guide. You can tune your sitar with no difficulty.

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One of the most utilized sitar is the Sardar Sitar Instrument. This sitar has twofold toomba that is made utilizing quality materials. The principle strings are 5 with 13 thoughtful strings and 2 chikari strings.

This sitar has botanical primary tuning pegs that offer a broad scope of high and low notes. Changing the notes isn’t a difficulty, because of its simple tuning capacity. The sound the sitar makes is warm, decent and astonishing. The tonal nature of the sitar is eloquent and great.

The complete length of the sitar instrument is 49 inches making it extraordinary for experts. The player experience and execution it offers is excellent and awesome. The style of this sitar is Ravi Shankar that makes it simple to play. It carries a traditional touch to music and supplements any music style.

For your benefit, it is accessible with a nylon pack for putting away it away securely. The mezrab will assist you with playing it easily and without any problem. The tuning aide will assist you with tuning it flawlessly so it can create well-spoken and extraordinary reverberation.

4) G. Rosul Sitar

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Another decision for all performers is the G. Rosul Sitar Instrument. It is an expert quality sitar with twofold toomba. The Sitar highlights 5 fundamental strings with 13 thoughtful strings and 2 chikari strings. This sitar instrument is independently handmade making it interesting and unique.

It is a half and half instrument that joins the work of art and current music styles. The style of the sitar is the Ravi Shankar style that delivers a sweet, profound and fresh solid. The tuning of the sitar instrument is simple permitting you to have a different high and low notes. The player experience this sitar offers is remarkable.

The length of this sitar instrument is almost 48 to 49 inches. The body measurements are 10 .5 inches x 11 inches x 14 inches. It accompanies an additional arrangement of strings and mezrabs. For simple picking up, tuning aide and data is accessible.

For putting away the sitar, a cushioned nylon gig sack is given. This will help you in shielding it from all components. You can undoubtedly move the sitar instrument without bringing on any harm.

The G. Rosul Sitar instrument is a perfect decision for carrying a traditional touch to cutting edge music. This makes it extraordinary for all degrees of players.

5) MKS Electric Sitar, Single Flat Tumba, KharajPancham, Mahogany Color(Sitar Instrument)


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The MKS Electric Sitar instrument by Maharaja Musicals has single level toomba and has a KharajPancham style. It highlights 7 primary string with 13 thoughtful strings that are intended to give quality sound.

The extension is created utilizing camel bones and the body is made utilizing tun wood. This makes the sitar instrument solid and enduring. It comes expertly tuned to offer you the lucidity in tonal quality. You can get a wide scope of notes with exactness. This sitar is handmade that gives an amazing sound.

Besides, the shade of the sitar instrument is dark that is made all the more intriguing with the sensitive celluloid trim work. This MKS Electric Sitar has a ¼ inch jack that permits you to interface it to an intensifier with no trouble. You can play this sitar without an amp too. The length of the sitar is 42 inches and weight is about 3 to 4 KG.

The sitar instrument accompanies a fibre case that will shield it from residue and water. You can convey it securely around with you for the situation

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