5 Best Piccolo Trombone – Complete Guide For Trombone Comparison


The best amateur piccolo trombone by the main brands in the trombone business, start with these top piccolo trombone surveys.

You won’t turn out badly picking any of these to figure out how to play the trombone.

Remember that on the off chance that you quit fooling around about the piccolo trombone. you will need to move up to a moderate piccolo trombone before secondary school or before starting rivalry settings.

Yamaha YSL-354 Tenor PiccoloTrombone

piccolo trombone

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piccolo trombone: The Yamaha YSL-354 has a yellow metal ringer and a gold enamel finish. This piccolo trombone is one of the standard trombones made by Yamaha and is viewed as their understudy model.

  1. Key of B level (Bb)
  2. 8″ Bell
  3. Medium bore (0.5″)
  4. Yellow metal external slide
  5. Nickel silver internal slide
  6. SL-48S Mouthpiece
  7. Case included

Perhaps the best bit of leeway this trombone brings to the table is that it was explicitly worked by Yamaha for understudies with the goal that understudies could sound proficient as quickly as time permits. These trombones are sturdy and tried to guarantee quality before being dispatched to the understudy trombone player. The Yamaha YSL-354 additionally arrives in an “s” model that is silver plated as opposed to gold.

The main inconvenience there is to this trombone is that, at more than one thousand dollars, it very well may be somewhat expensive, particularly if buying for a kid. While the sticker price may appear to be somewhat high, you can be certain mainstream trombone sold by Yamaha. Understudy trombones like the YSL-345 are ideal for understudies in grades K-8 or understudies that are not contending.

Bach Model TB301 Tenor Piccolo Trombone

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The TB301 tenor piccolo trombone is Bach’s top of the line trombone and is uniquely intended for understudies. This piccolo trombone, just as all-Bach instruments are made in the United States utilizing top-notch materials. This trombone is a yellow metal with an unmistakable veneer cover with a .5″ bore and 8″ chime that give incredible sound projection and great control. The internal hand slide tubes are nickel silver plated in chrome which makes for fast and simple sliding and a smooth surface.

The equivalent specialists that assemble the expert Bach models, for example, the Stradivarius likewise fabricate the understudy models making the master craftsmanship unmatched by different contenders. Bach instruments are known for their unmistakable and full stability from their hand-pounded chimes that are additionally solid and adaptable. The main disservice to the Bach TB301 tenor piccolo trombone is that it is somewhat heavier than its rivals at sixteen pounds. Bach instruments are reliably suggested close by Yamaha instruments as ideal for apprentice piccolo trombone players.

Conn-Selmer Prelude TB711 Tenor Piccolo Trombone

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The Conn-Selmer TB711 is an extraordinary understudy trombone particularly intended for the apprentice player. The drag is just .509″ which makes tone creation simple and the yellow metal ringer is 8″ and intended for projection and clear reverberation. The Conn-Selmer Prelude understudy tenor trombone has a solid completion and incorporates a case. The greatest favorable position to the Prelude by Conn-Selmer TB711 is the reasonableness factor.

This understudy trombone is unmatched by the cost of esteem. While this trombone is reasonable and extraordinary to become familiar with the rudiments on, the skilled worker that make the Prelude arrangement work off stringent prerequisite. These understudy models additionally don’t accompany the F connection and are accordingly very lightweight and simple to convey for the starting walking band understudy.

Mendini by Cecilio MTB-L Tenor Piccolo Trombone


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In case you’re searching for the cheapest apprentice trombone for understudies, Mendini by Cecilio MTB-L is a decent decision.

This model cost under $200 from most retailers and highlights a .500″ little bore and an 8″ chime.

The body is produced using yellow metal and the maker makes no notice of what the internal or external hand slides are produced using or plated with.

This piccolo trombone is a B level tenor slide which is generally basic for school groups.

This piccolo trombone is sold as a learner pack on Amazon and through different retailers that accompany a rich lined hardshell convey case, a wallet for trombone, gloves, delicate cleaning fabric, and oil for the slide.

Mendini likewise incorporates a one-year maker’s guarantee against item absconds.

This Mendini by Cecilio piccolo trombone is likewise very lightweight at just eleven pounds and does exclude the F wrap.

This piccolo trombone is the smash hit in metal piccolo trombones on Amazon because of its reasonableness anyway understudies that progress in their music training will see that this trombone doesn’t have a similar tonal quality as a fledgling or middle of the road trombones produced using the top makers of metal instruments.

Yamaha YSL-445G Intermediate Bb Trombone


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The Yamaha YSL-445G is the subsequent stage up from the standard understudy YSL-345. This trombone includes a medium-enormous bore horn and offers staggering adaptability. The reaction time is snappy and exact with a smooth sliding capacity that gives predictable playability. in about all registers. the YSL-445G toughness is a significant bit of leeway.

The inward slide is demonstrated to hold up with utilization and keep up a delicate reaction. The external slide has a precise width entirely through which guarantees that the development is hermetically sealed and has astounding reverberation to sound. This model additionally includes internal slide leggings structured explicitly for this trombone which offers smooth arrangement even in the sixth and seventh positions which can be fairly troublesome.

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