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Today I’ll be, talking about piano accordion like this, one and these are recognizable because, they have a piano accordion on one side, and a series of buttons on the other, side, in contrast, you could also have a button accordion which is a bit more, popular in Europe which will have, buttons on both sides and can be in, various layouts piano keyboards are nice because they’re generally, standardized full-size one has 41 keys, total as a standard and on the left side.

You have a hundred and twenty buttons, the buttons are arranged in six rows two, of them, are bass or downbeats and four, of them, are chords major-minor seventh, and diminished and among there you have, twenty different columns which represent, it from pitches now there’s a few, reasons why in the United States you, might be interested in learning the piano one is that they’re, generally easier to find and say about,90% of the accordions the United States, are piano accordions

Advantage Of Piano Accordion

piano-accrodionIf you’re a piano, playing the piano accordion side is exactly the same as what you’re used to except that, it’s a little different instead of it’s, not by strings it actually controls a series of reeds so when you push down on, the button you’re actually letting air, go through a reed almost like a harmonica but the difference is basic, that you have sustained instead of just, a decay as in a piano accordion string now the main focus of this article is to talk, about why you might see some different, pricing for accordions and what to look, for, I’d say.

The first thing you want to do, when you’re looking for an accordion is, generally find one that is suitable for, what you’re going to be doing and also, accordion your size so typically one thing you can, do is measure the keyboard length so, kind of from white key to white key, piano accordion generally men’s size is about 18 or 19, inches somewhere in that range and also, a smaller one you can compare with one, like this which would be considered a, ladies or compact size could be maybe 15, or 16 inches and then 17 might be kind, of a crossover between the two so in, terms of

Size Of An Piano Accordion


Piano Accordion: that’s kind of the metric, used to find out the length the other, thing is you might even see ones that, have smaller keyboards with fewer keys or, maybe the keys are bigger or smaller too, accommodate a certain size also on the, left hand generally the smallest, the accordion will have maybe eight or, twelve buttons the standard size which, is full has 120 in the layout that I, mentioned before, now that’s kind of the first thing to, look for number two is you want one that, essentially can play what you’re, interested in in in the type of music.

piano accordion: You’re playing so if you notice here, there’s a number of selectors that will, give you different sounds and basically, you generally can have a low Reed, you can have a middle read or also a high read or piccolo read I noticed I, was playing Piano the same keys each time, basically these piano accordion reads are offset so that, you can get different sounds and almost, you can go above or below octaves so, even though you’re limited by this, the keyboard you can change the sound to, actually get some more out of it of, the course you can also do combinations, sometimes you have to middle reads which, create more of a funky sound or you can, basically use all of your reads together, so generally in terms of

Pricing Of An Accordion

The, more types of reads you have which, generally is a function of how many of, these buttons you have more or less so, the more expensive it will be, generally the entry-level accordions, will have two sets of reeds a high and a low and you can also have both and the, more expensive ones will have four Reed.

Piano Accordion sets so you can have a combination of, low to medium and high on the left hand, generally, you can select there’s, a total of four or five sets of reeds, here and when you play the bass or the chords you will use some combination of, those generally that doesn’t affect the pricing so much as how many you can, select between so kind of what selectors Piano Accordion, you have so for instance or I can pick a different one or lower one so that’s, number two and number three you, want to have tight bellows so notice.

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Guide Before Buying An Piano Accordion

When I’m not holding anything, they really don’t open very much, some accordions if you try them out, you’ll notice that they may I’m going to, push an air button to release the air, but if you hold them open they might, actually just kind of open naturally, like this you generally want to stay, away from those because unless you’re, going to repair Piano Accordion going to affect, your play considerably and generally, loss of control is very bad especially, for beginners because you’re not, going to develop good habits number four, is really you know you want to make sure.

The buttons are nice and, springy that they were, that they don’t stick basically you can, you can check kind of the reads, should be the same in both directions, you can check basically all of those by, Piano Accordion kind of you know moving the bellows too, find out whether the reads are, consistent in and out there’s actually, two to two reads for both you know one, for the end and one for the out.

Which is, actually an innovation because, previously the diatonic accordions like, you know bandoneon will play a different, sound for out or in so in modern, accordions you have two reads that, actually have one designated for how and, one for in the same thing with the buttons, on the left side, make sure that they’re, generally that they’re in good springy, order that they come up they don’t stick, down but they’re not bent and.

Affordable Straps Of A Accordion


The things to look for are kind of the straps you want straps that are not, going to break sometimes leather straps, become very brittle and can break some, nylon straps are pretty good but, generally, that’s something that you can, replace the same thing with the head strap, piano accordion but again it will cost you money if you, need to replace lips and lastly really, the only other thing to think about in, terms of pricing and this can vary, greatly is the reputation of the manufacturer so among the best you might, have heard of honour bill scan Dahle.

These Piano Accordion are the more well-known brands, sometimes you also see some brands that, are less well-known but can still be good quality then also a lot of the, newer accordions are actually imported, from China and generally, they may be cheaper so it’s good that you can get, a new accordion but they may not have, the same sound quality as an Italian.

Top 5 Best Piano Accordions

Hohner Accordions BR48R-N

Piano Accordions
Credit: amazon.com

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  • Tremolo Tuning, 26 keys, range B-C, 2 treble registers, 48 bass buttons, 4 voices, keyboard length 12.75-Inch
  • Includes adjustable textile straps.
  • Gigbag.
  • Incredible Value

Hohner BR120B-N Bravo Piano

Best piano accordion
Credits: amazon.com

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  • Tremolo Tuning, 41 keys, range F – A, registers 7
  • 120 bass buttons, 4 voices
  • Quieter descant keyboard through SilentKey
  • Optimized bass mechanism
  • Improved gigbag with ergonomically shaped grip

Rossetti Piano Accordion

best piano accordion
Credit: amazon.com

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  • Accordion 72 Bass 34 Keys
  • 5 Switches
  • Italian Style Decorations and Pearlescent Color
  • 18 fold bellows for bigger sound
  • Deluxe Case and Straps Included

Bass Piano Accordion ( For Beginners)

best piano accordion
Credit: amazon.com

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  • [Beautiful Appearance]: This piano accordion has a bright colour, beautiful appearance, and exquisite workmanship.
  • [Corrosion Resistant and Durable]: The accordion’s body is made of maple wood, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • [Easy to Play]: This accordion is ergonomically designed for flexibility and play.
  • [Help]: This accordion is simple and easy to play, helping to develop musical talent and improve your sense of rhythm.
  • [For People]: This accordion is suitable for beginners and students of the accordion.

Baronelli Accordion (ACPK30-BK)

Best Piano Accodrion
Credit: amazon.com

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  • Baronelli 30 Piano accordion Keys and 48 Bass Button Accordion
  • Beautiful Pearl Finish
  • 3 Switches Classic
  • Two Padded, Adjustable Leatherette Shoulder Straps
  • Hardshell Case with Lock

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