how to write a summary of a book

How To Write A Summary Of A Book Within 5 Easy Steps


Did You Know How to write a summary of a book? don’t worry we can help you in knowing how to write a summary of a book by reading this blog you can easily write a summary of a book

A summary is a short clarification of the primary thoughts and supporting details of a book. A summary is made for future reference and remembrance. The summary makes it easier to introduce someone with the book. Just as movies publish their trailers before their release, to get a glimpse of the movie, the summary also gives an overview of the book and motivates the later to read. Many people who are not in the habit of reading books, consider reading the summary and how to write a summary of a book by reading this blog

Another benefit of summaries are these can also be presented in audio and visual content. A full book can improbably not be described in a video, but a summary of that book can. Thus, summarising books and long articles are in demand. Certain things are kept in mind before summarising a book. best guide on how to write a summary of a book

Here are the steps on how to write a summary of a book:

how to write a summary of a book

Motive for writing the Summary

Summarising a book also have a purpose. It’s up to you whether you want a detailed summary or a brief summary, it must be in keypoints or paragraph. It should cover only the main topics or essence of the book or also covers small details. Everything should be clear from the beginning. Clarifying your goals is important, for making a good summary.

Read the book

Start reading the book with full focus and concentration. Try to understand every small detail. Don’t just flip the pages, without a clear understanding. When you read, you must be in a relaxed state of mind, free of anxiety. This helps you retain the information better. If you find something unique or exciting which must be noted in summary, read it at least twice, even if you understood at first. By reading it thoroughly, you will remember that for more time, and you’ll understand better, for which you can add your viewpoints in summary.

Highlight and make notes

how to write a summary of a book

As you find something noteworthy, highlight it or make notes. These notes will be beneficial in interpreting your thoughts into a summary. If you wish, you can make mini summaries or main key points of every chapter. It is the best method of making a summary. By creating mini summaries, you’ll be getting much benefit in writing the final review. Minisummaries will make your work very easier. As every chapter of a book contains any event or essence to the ultimate moral or climax of the story of that book. By noting main all the events of the chapter, you will understand better and can explain better in your summary.

Organize your Mini Summaries

By reading the book and creating mini summaries and notes of all the chapter, the next step is to organize your material. Start from the begging to the end of the story. Describe your highlighted notes in a suitable and natural language. For fiction books, group them by where they fall into the story structure:

  • Beginning (Intro to characters, setting, problem)
  • Rising Action (Tension around issue builds)
  • Climax (Highest point in tension)
  • Falling Action (Resolving loose ends after tension is resolved)
  • Resolution (Closure)

Write Your Summary

After organizing your notes and chapter summaries, start writing your final summary with all your heart and might. Try to use easy vocabulary so that it can be easily understood even to children. When writing the summary, keep in mind you don’t have to rewrite the book. You just have take out the essence of the book and reprint it, in summary, using your own words.

Avoid mentioning your personal thoughts like ‘I think’ ‘ It must be like’. Summary demands only the content of the book not, any opinions or suggestions. And another major thing to keep in mind is don’t be confused in main and less essential topics. Sometimes, events which may seem important while reading the book aren’t that noteworthy. Be entirely clear about the story in the book. If you have any doubt or confusion in the book, don’t start writing summary yet. First, be clear in your mind, then you’ll be clear in writing.

Conclusion [Best Guide On How To Write A Summary Of A Book]

how to make a summary of a book

Writing a summary of a book is not a much easier task, but it is not that difficult either. If someone truly desires to write an excellent summary and follow the above steps. Sincerely, he can make an excellent summary. These steps are not only for summarising book, but you can also follow these steps in summarising long articles or blogs.

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