How To Read Faster? Here Is 3 Best Technique For Students


How to read faster? Have you ever heard of Anne Jones, a speed reader champion, who has read ‘Harry Potter and the deathly hallows’ of 250K words in just 47 minutes, besides an average reader would take 20-25 hours on it? We don’t have to compete with Anne, but how to read faster without losing comprehension, you can surely do it.

How To Read Faster


Most of the successful leaders and the businessman read books daily. An average person reads 11-12 books in a year whereas an average CEO reads 3-4 books in a month. You decide where you want to be in your life. Reading faster will save your time for reading more books. The main cause of our slow reading is subvocalization, an internal speech typically made when reading. When you read, that same speech is played in your mind; that is subvocalization.

Everyone has this habit, as from pre-primary we have been taught to speak and learn. But the best thing is you can train your brain to read faster. As student subvocalization is good, but this habit stays with us after adulthood also. We need to increase our level of reading; we need to increase our capacity.

Our brain has the potential to read fast, our eyes can move fast but our mind can’t speak faster, our brain and eyes have to adjust their speed with the mind, that’s why we are aren’t reading faster. The speed in which you are reading this article is your average reading speed. You can truly increase your average reading speed just by practicing the following techniques:

How To Read Faster: Use Pointer


How To Read Faster: While reading a book, our vision often distracts from the text we are reading, this reduces our speed and concentration. For solving this problem use a pen or pencil as a pointer while reading. Move the pointer along with the text you read. This will make your vision clear and your focus will improve. Using pointer will also help you in reading faster. You will be able to read your book faster than before and with full concentration. Practicing pointer for a month or two will gradually improve your attention and you will be able to read the book at the same fast speed without using the pointer.



For adopting any new habit, you have to leave the old one. Make a habit of reading faster. Move your pointer fast and force faster reading. This will solve your problem of subvocalization. By forcing yourself to read faster, your mind will be engaged in the text and you will not be speaking in the mind. After doing this for a couple of weeks you will be reading faster and with full focus. In the initial stage of this technique, you will face problems in understanding, but in the long run, you’ll surely be able to read much faster than before and that too with full concentration and understanding.


As with all worthy pursuits, reading is a skill that takes time to develop. The more you do it, the better you will become. Set targets for yourself and try to push your limits. Setting up targets and act accordingly can make anything achievable in which reading faster is not a big deal. Practice makes a man perfect, and by continuous efforts and time on reading, you can achieve your desired results.

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How To Read Faster: Verdict

It is easy for you and anyone willing to read faster. By following the above techniques you can increase your reading speed and read more books. There may be a few more techniques on how to read faster? but the most effective and convenient ones I have described here.

Acquiring any new skill requires patience, desire, and persistence as the famous saying, ‘ Rome wasn’t built in a day’, by regular practicing you improve your reading. Finally, always remember that the best way to enjoy a book is to read at your own pace. Open a book and fall in the imagination of the story, that’s the real enjoyment of reading books.

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