how to organize a bookshelf

Top 5 Tricks on How To Organize A Bookshelf Effectively


How to organize a bookshelf, a very common question of many people having issues with their bookshelves. Organizing a bookshelf is very easy but anyway a critical task. A well-arranged bookshelf enhances the beauty of a room. No matter how much books you have, a bookshelf can be arranged with too many books or fewer books either. Organizing a bookshelf is essential not only maintaining the tidiness of the room but also you in reading according to your requirements.

If you’re a regular reader or trying to be one, arranging your bookshelf will surely benefit you. Many people often find it difficult and time-consuming to organise their bookshelf and are in the habit of carelessly cramming their books.  If you are also the one how finds it challenging to arrange bookshelf than this blog is for you, in which you will be learning about five unique tips on how to organizing a bookshelf.

Top 5 Tricks on How To Organize A Bookshelf:

Separate Fiction and Nonfiction Books

how to organize a bookshelf

Separating fiction and nonfiction books is an excellent way of organizing your bookshelf. They are also essential to distinguish as they also have further categories which may pile up together and create confusion. By separating both the groups, it’ll be easier to select for a new person too. Though many people read fiction and nonfiction on their moods, it would be an advantage by separating the two. If you have a collection of only one type of book, then this point is not for you, you can have other options mentioned below.

Stacking is a good option

how to organize a bookshelf

Stacking books on a bookshelf can be a good option if you have fewer books or your bookshelf is large enough for your books. Keeping all your books in a stack is a thing of the past. If you want a few books to stand out, stack them. You can stack by theme, cover, size or genre and keep the stacks on their own. There’s no wrong way of doing it.

Group together with the books you haven’t read yet

Make up the way for the books you haven’t read yet. That is the most common way of arranging a bookshelf. You’ll be aware of the books you already read and what you have to read next. If you have already read a book, but you wish to reread it in the future keep them with the books you haven’t read. Separating new and old books will make your bookshelf convenient and straightforward for you.

Separate your paperbacks and hardcovers

how to organize a bookshelf

Separating by formats is a perfect way of organizing a bookshelf. Divide your hardcovers and paperbacks for a cleaner and better look on your bookshelves. It’s also a very significant way to organize a bookshelf if you’re a visual person.

Organize bookshelf by the condition of books

Organize books by their condition is another way you can arrange your bookshelf. By separating old books, you can make way for the new. You can also give extra care to partially damaged books as they are piled together. Keep your torn, poor-conditioned, and faded books all in one place, and your new books with beautiful, well-kept covers in another place of the bookshelf.

Our Verdict for how to organize a bookshelf

Organizing your bookshelf may be easier or challenging, one should do it. Everyone loves a well-decorated, beautiful and tidy bookshelf. There are more benefits of organizing a bookshelf than just for looks as mentioned earlier. If you’re not in a habit of arranging your bookshelf you can follow the above tips which will motivate you and will also guide you in your bookshelf arrangement.

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