how much does a projector cost

How Much Does A Projector Cost? ( 5 Cost Affecting Factors )


Due to the wide variety of projectors in the market, the cost also varies so it is necessary to know how much does a projector cost. A projector can cost from $70 to $1000, depending upon various factors. The cost also varies according to the usage of the projector, such as a conference room projector might be expensive than a home projector. Many factors affect the price of the projectors, but that doesn’t mean, expensive projectors are better than cheap projectors. Cheap projectors are also satisfying if selected the best one.

How Much Does A Projector Cost

Projectors are available at very variable rates. Cheap projectors are also available in the market which is best in the quality. A lot of factors are responsible for varying rates of projectors. Some of them are listed below.

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Here are some major factors that affect the cost of Projectors

Light Source: Most projectors, in the market use an progressed, ultra-high power light which gives the splendour to extend pictures on a screen. Light-based projectors offer the best quality pictures and brilliance to your photos. There are likewise projectors that use strong state advancements (like an LED) for people who lean toward convenience and respectable picture quality however aren’t excessively requesting of the brilliance levels.


Lamp Life: Projectors utilize a high power release lamp (utilizing mercury, or xenon in costly models) and substitution lights cost a reasonable piece of the expense of the projector itself. Projector manufacturers measure Lamp life in hours; most will guarantee 3K-4K hours in any case, with a portion of the more unique models going up to 8K-10K hours as well. To understand better it is simply, 3K hours mean around 1200 films viewed or 3 years of TV/sports viewing (accepting everyday use of 3 hours). LED lights, then again, can guarantee a utilization life of around 20K hours.

Contrast Ratio: The contrast ratio can be characterized as the proportion of the luminance of the most brilliant shade to that of the darkest, that the framework can deliver. For the most part, producers clarify different proportions in ANSI contrast, by showing a checkerboard of white and dark squares to show the difference between the dull and bright spots.

Contrast ratios are a significant measurement for Home theatre projectors since you’ll basically be anticipating video. And a higher difference proportion guarantees that there is more depth added to the pictures; the projector can show subtler colors and endure some degree of incidental light in the room.

Brightness: Brightness can be interpreted as the measure of light delivered by the projector (measure in ANSI Lumens, which is the thing that all manufacturers will promote), or as the measure of enlightenment that you can see on your screen.

how much does a projector cost

Additionally, the brightness level of the pictures you anticipate relies upon the substance itself, the splendor of the room, size of the picture and the seating good ways from the screen. The size and brilliance of the room will decide what number of Lumens you ought to choose, the bigger and brighter the room the higher the Lumens recommended.

Resolution: The resolution of a projector is the number of pixels used to show a picture, as generally, the higher the number of pixels the more noteworthy the detail made on the screen in this way prompting a more clear picture, and furthermore decreasing the permeability of the pixel structure. Today, makers offer a wide scope of pixels with different resolutions (generally delineated as A X B, where An is the number of pixels on every flat line and B is the number of pixels on every vertical section, so 1024 X 768 shows 1024 pixels on every level line, 768 pixels on every vertical segment).

A portion of the basic resolutions found in the market are 720 P (1280 X 720 pixels, with P signifying dynamic sweep, basically meaning the entire picture is shown at the same time), 1080 P (1920 X 1080 pixels, at present the top decision to show excellent HD content from Blu-Ray and different organizations), and the new buzz around 4K (which shows an image with multiple times the 1080P pixel yield, either in 4096×2160 or 3840×2160 pixel groups)

Verdict For ( How Much Does A Projector Cost)

It should not be mater of great concern about how much does a projector cost. Projectors are budget-friendly and are helpful in enjoying all types of videos.

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