How Does A projector works

How Does a Projector Work? ( Learn 2 Projectors LCD & DLP )


Many curious people have a common question in their mind about how does a projector work. You must also have wondered how a small projector produces large images and videos in a movie theatre Not just movies, projectors are also used in classrooms, conference rooms and in many other places. They improve the viewing experience enjoyable.  Many people wonder how this incredible piece of innovation works.  

How Does A Projector Work? (LCD & DLP)

LCD Projectors

To comprehend an LCD projector, let’s start from the point where the light bar itself starts. The main thing that happens is the creation of a serious light emission light. The light emission is then reflected off a gathering of mirrors, which incorporates two dichroic mirrors. The dichroic mirrors have an exceptional covering on them that just reflects light of one kind of frequency. The white light hits the mirrors and every one mirrors a light emission red, blue or green light.

How does a projector Work

Working of LCD Projector

The emissions of red, blue and green go through the LCD, which is made out of thousands of modest pixels. An energizing inconsistency emerges here… in what manner can a precious crystal be fluid? An LCD is a substance that displays a few properties of a strong and a few properties of a fluid. Tending more towards the side of a fluid, the LCD has a one of a kind element where it can either square light or permit light to go through when power is gone through it.

In the projector, there are three LCD screens. The three LCD screens are liable for anticipating a similar picture or moving pictures on a grayscale. At the point when the shaded light goes through these three screens, they hand-off three variants of a similar scene: one tinted red, one tinted green, and one tinted blue. The tinted images pass through a dichroic crystal, which leads to the birth of a million colors!!

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DLP Projectors

These were created during the 1980s by Texas Instruments researcher Dr. Larry. J Hornbeck. DLP innovation depends on a microchip known as the digital micromirror gadget or DMD. A DMD is a chip that contains near 2,000,000 minor mirrors in a square lattice. These mirrors are amazingly little – they are one-fifth the distance across of human hair! It is put on a magnifying lens that is liable for tilting the mirror mounted on it one way or the other.

How a projector works

Working of DLP Projector

An electronic circuit is likewise present, which helps in choosing the direction of each mirror. A brilliant wellspring of light is then sparkled on the DMD and the electronic circuit exclusively tilts each mirror to and fro. On the off chance that a mirror is tilted towards the light, it sparkles the light towards the screen. This one mirror is illustrative of one pixel. In the event that a mirror is tilted away from the wellspring of light, it can’t mirror the splendid wellspring of light, in this manner leaving the screen space unfilled or dim.

Each mirror works separately, and the 2,000,000 mirrors proceed to manufacture a high-goals picture. Be that as it may, how is the shading framed, you may inquire? To add shading to the pictures, the DLP utilizes an additional piece of innovation that comprises of a hued wheel put in the way of the light reflected by the reflections of the DMD.

The wheel comprises of the hues red, blue and green. The blend of these hues when skipped onto the mirror and consolidated offers ascend to an interminable assortment of hues in superior quality. At long last, a focal point gathers all the light emissions to deliver the last picture.


So lastly, don’t keep wondering about how does a projector work, the next time you face the projector. Just grab your popcorn tub, and enjoy the movie.


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