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Today, presenting the Panther whole new brand Hohner accordion now this is an excellent, entry-level instrument and it’s priced, to match it’s probably

Hohner Accordion Affordable Option

The Hohner accordion that you can buy on, the market and they’re available here at, this accordion unlike the other ones are is produced in China but, with the same standard of quality that, you would expect from a whole new brand, instruments so come down to a little, music and pick up yourself in Panther, owner accordion,[Music], all right folks now I have here in my, hands the classic and the standard owner, got all not to this is the model that I, grew up around this is like the Mustang of these whole new brand Kelowna, models this is our intermediate, Hohner accordion so you know next step up above, a beginner and it’s priced for an immediate intermediate player it’s got, all the quality that you would expect from a Hohner you know you got, your three read cases and your ten and, eleven wrote buttons here and 11 in the center

Hohner Accordion For Beginners


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This is an excellent hohner accordion for, those that are you know just a little, bit above an intermediate this thing, will get you going on on, gigs and on the stage, so yeah I come, down to Alamo music folks and check out, the whole new record on iTunes, once again folks I want to introduce to, you this time the Hohner accordion Gordana extreme, now this is out of the LaDonna series, the top level of these this is, constructed in Germany made with all, German parts hand made in Germany it’s, got really great features that are just, a little bit above our standard Cordova, and of course, our panther the straps I, come with it are gonna be a little bit, thicker you got a little bit more, hardware on this thing, and there’s really cool little feature, here that I really dig is this little, groove along the button side here, that could fit your thumb in you won’t, find that on these two models and see, how they have the little strap thumb, strap there this one does not come with, that and that allows you a little bit, more fluidity in your motion

Double Reeds

It comes,with your three standard Reed blocks,with double reads on each side and this,is a great great Hohner accordion if you’ve,been playing for a while and you feel,confident this instruments really gonna,help you get to that next level so come,down to how long you can check them up,folks here you have the Annika little,this is course is a black and gold model,this is a single tone so it’s got one,master switch and then you have your,voicing for clarinet violin baboon and,bassoon and when you notice is that,these basically go from a dry to a wet,sound so your clarinet violin is gonna,be just slightly wetter switch then you,get up here you have your really dito,now this is the top-of-the-line models,for the owner I’m a klepto series these,are made in Italy these are hands as I,you see these beautiful details here are,meticulously hand constructed you have,your you know really good set of reed,blocks in here and like the extreme it’s,got this little groove here right,without the thumb strap right so this is,this is definitely for your experienced,player this particular type of model,here it’s got an extra set of rows of,buttons on the bottom so it’s got three,extra buttons as opposed to these it,just gives you a little bit more range,and this instrument is the one that’s,most popular with North Danial groups of,folks like still stinking is in North,there or allows Phoenix who are really,great wonderful group of female,musicians but they claim Oh Staniel,music you know this stuff you don’t have,your bass buttons on here there’s so,much of the focus is on the quality of,the sound that sits in this instrument,it’s a little heavier because it’s got a,little bit more going on inside them,then these models but the payoff is for,

Hohner Accordion Sound Quality


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that you just can’t,match once again folks this is the,single tone Annika little and in just a,second I’m going to show you the two toe all right folks lastly we have a,two-tone ionic Leto like I said these,are not let those are the top line of,the Hohner accordion and this one,you’ll see that it has two master,switches as opposed to this one just,assume a switch that means that you have,two complete set of Reed blocks in here,that allows you to go from in this case,an F what that basically means is that,you have two Hohner accordions in one which is,pretty amazing and of course you do have,your voicing with a violin and clarinet,so this is of course is going to change,[Music],you get a couple different tones on,there the these are metals do come with,a hard case so they’re well protected,and of course a really great pair of,straps with all of these all of the same,features here you’ll see these really,beautiful details all of these are hand,done these Hohner accordions again are made,handmade in Italy at their at their,factory.

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