3 Best Guzheng Instrument That You Must See In 2020


This opportunity, we have thought of audits of the leading 5 Guzheng instrument. These models are chosen in light of their rising prevalence, widespread use, and suggestion of the specialists. Examine their apparent highlights.

1) Sound of Mountain 21 String Black Sandalwood Chinese Zither Koto Gu Zheng Instrument

guzheng instrument

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  1. Size: 64” (length) * 12.6” (width), standard size. String number: 21.
  2. String material: steel string with wool nylon cover. Veneer material: black sandalwood. Soundboard material: paulownia wood. Structure material: pine wood and solid wood.
  3. Original Accessories: maple wood string bridges with ox horn sink, standard guzheng instrument string (fixed), tuning hammer, A style guzheng stand. Additional Gifts: professional guzheng nail 2 sets ( 8 pcs, 4 for each hand), guzheng bag, spare strings for 1-5, electric guzheng instrument tuner, anti-allergy rubberized fabric, cleaning brush, common music stand, dustproof cover.
  4. This guzheng instrument adopts black sandalwood, paulownia wood, pinewood, and solid wood as the main material. All the material used was of good quality and was soaked, dislodged, and dried before using, which directly contribute to the smooth touch feeling and good sound of the guzheng. The carved poems or pictures were handcrafted by professional cutler with precise airmanship, making the guzheng exquisite and elegant, as well as giving the guzheng instrument culture connotation. The string was covered by nylon

Dark is the image of class and style. This guzheng instrument in the dark looks tasteful and includes amazing abilities that consolidate to make it a brilliant guzheng instrument with an upbeat sound. It has 64 inches length and 12.6 crawls in width. The structure incorporates 21 strings made with excellent quality steel, and the spread is made of fleece nylon. Its facade involves intense sandalwood, the soundboard is comprised of paulownia, and the necessary material includes of durable wood and pine wood. All the assembling material is deliberately chosen. These are first splashed appropriately and afterward dried before the utilization.

This procedure improves the sound of the guzheng instrument and gives a smooth touch to a satisfying vibe. The plan made on the instrument is made by the top proficient cutler and displays flawless craftsmanship, which brings about the loveliness and beauty of the tool.

It comes total with various adornments including the string extensions of maple wood, tuning hammer, a stand, save strings, nail sets, electric tuner, cleaning brush, dustproof spread, a typical music stand, and pure from conveying gig-sack for keeping the instrument.

2) Oriental Music Sanctuary Paulownia Travel Guzheng  

guzheng instrument

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  1. Travel Sized (4’1″) Guzheng instrument made with solid paulownia with Rosewood Veneer – Travel Sized Chinese Koto
  2. Comes with All Accessories shown
  3. Sounds almost as good as a full-sized Guzheng instrument, but more portable for the traveling musician
  4. OrientalMusicSanctuary provides USA-Based Warranty

is only made for the voyaging artists. Thinking about their solace, the size is kept little when contrasted with the full-sized guzheng instrument; however, that doesn’t influence the nature of sound. The format is appropriate to be held in the vehicle’s secondary lounge; accordingly, it is effectively convenient.

Healthy development, unwavering quality, and reasonableness are a portion of its in addition to focus. This is made with high-class paulownia and rosewood facade.

This delightful Guzheng instrument has a total arrangement of strings appropriately introduced and includes a lot of all-out 21 extensions. It comes total with various extras that join to give you an increasingly agreeable, better, and excellent playing experience.

The sticky tape for the plectrums and two arrangements of good quality plectra are incorporated for the accommodation of the players. For legitimate tuning over time, a tuning wrench is likewise given. Moreover, a definite edge stand is also included, which you can put the instrument for playing.

This is an esteemed bundle as it offers various adornments, including a gig-pack, and you won’t need to buy these independently. Achromatic tuner, an English book of instructional exercise, and a DVD are likewise accommodated a superior end increasingly proficient learning.

3) Oriental Music Sanctuary FULL-SIZED Rosewood Guzheng Instrument


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  1. Improved Travel Sized (4’1″) Guzheng instrument made with solid paulownia with Black Sandalwood Veneer – Travel Sized Chinese Koto
  2. Brighter and Louder than most Travel Guzheng, with a mellow bass tone
  3. Sounds almost as good as a full-sized Guzheng instrument, but more portable for the traveling musician
  4. OrientalMusicSanctuary provides USA-Based Warranty

This full-sized Guzheng instrument offers an engaging sight, and the touch gold shading makes it all the more striking. The luxurious look and excellent quality make it an unquestionable requirement attempt that comes at a reasonable cost.

The oven-dried paulownia bestows shocking sound and gives it impressive tonal characteristics. It shows supreme craftsmanship and is incredibly engraved that provides additional energy for the trim.

Generally, the guides and instructors prescribe this guzheng instrument for the learners and transitional level artists on account of the basic playability. The cost is likewise an appealing component for the fledglings, and they can get it with full certainty as it accompanies a USA-based guarantee.

It likewise incorporates numerous adornments that are given with no extra expense. These include sticky tape for the plectrums, a casing standard, 21 string spans, an introduced set of strings, chromatic tuner, two arrangements of plectra, and a tuning wrench utilizing which you can tune the strings as and when required.

Guzheng instrument expansion of extras would spare you a lot of money. Furthermore, a convey sack is likewise given the bundle.

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