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Epson Vs355 – Best Projector Under 500


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A brand, like Epson, is sure to target many, markets simultaneously and the fact that they do not do so with the same model is, actually an even better testament to, their quality and attention to detail.

this best projector under 500 was specifically designed, for laptop users who need the extra, brightness to deal with higher light, conditions.

a best projector under 500 that’s not afraid, of the dark is ideal for business, conferences schools and family, gatherings that involved a lot of, children.

the general capabilities and, design of the Epson versus 355 make it, hard to identify another budget model at a glance.

the polished white case durable, buttons and general sleekness make it, look like professional equipment, it works with DLP technology and the lamps have unexpected life spin of at, least 6000 hours.

however this can be, expanded by frequent use of its Eco mode, its resolution is firmly in the WXGA, range at least according to the spec, sheets thanks to the superior brightness, capabilities.

it is very easy for it to, appear better than that at first glance, once you add the very decent contrast, ratio of 15,000 won and the ability to, zoom in by 2x the chances are that most, of your guests, will walk out with the impression of having witnessed a very, high-end performance.

the speakers don’t reach a very high volume, unfortunately, and this seems to be a trade-off for, avoiding sound Distortion.

so you may need to add a pair of external high fees, speakers. 

Optoma HD Home Theatre – Projector Under 500


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Optoma has enough years of experience in, the a/v and gaming industry to make us, automatically trust pretty much almost, any of their new releases a full HD best projector under 500 with over 10,000 hours of, estimated land life.

integrated speakers, and full 3d support for less than $500, dollar sign that one was a bit harder to, swallow the projector’s performance does, not disappoint, though at five and a half pounds of, nearly 12 inches of width.

it is not as, portable as many of the other models on, this list and it may require you to, actually reserve space for it is not, however a cheap and light gadget that, deserves to be thrown away inside a suitcase it’s relative bulkiness is a small price to pay for superb colour.

output an astonishing contrast ratio of,23,000 won the ability to play,high-definition 3d movies at home and, play games.

on it the output of 3000, lumens, on the other hand, means that this, model is a bit dimmer than some of them, other models on this list if you won’t, need to use it daylight the chances you,won’t be able to tell the difference, though and the return and dark blacks, and crisp images will be more than worth.

this best projector under 500 is able to project images, ranging between 28 to 301 inches, although it will need at least 10 feet, of distance from a projector screen or, wall to reach its highest potential.

BenQ DLP Home & Business – Projector Under 500


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Benq has, made a name for itself in the consumer, sector with this best projector under 500 thanks to its, reliability and its ability to withstand, the occasional bump and scratch it, offers a dependable image simple, installation and bright colours.

while, still keeping its overall price tag, firmly in the budget range it offers a contrast ratio of up to 15,000 won and, images up to 300 inches wide.

when placed, at distances anywhere between 120 and 13, inches the lamps are designed for an, expected life of around 6,000 hours.

but, this can be extended thanks to the, inclusion of an eco mode and smart use, of its auto-shutoff option.

it also packs, an integrated speaker although the sound, the quality was not very impressive setup is, relatively easy.

although there are many, hidden bells and buttons that will allow, you to adjust the image size quality and, zoom level the independent, and HDMI ports allow more than one unit, to be connected and ready to go at the same time.

which is invaluable in offices, that require collaborative presentations, or if you are planning a movie marathon, triple adjustments feet and vertical and, horizontal Keystone complete the package.


Eug Home, Movie Full HD Best Projector Under 500


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This is a great, example of the wonders that can be, achieved when an up-and-coming brand, chooses one target market and runs with, it designed exclusively with home movie fans in mind.

The Youth Full HD best projector under 500, discards some of the features expected, of an office worthy projector under 500

in order, to maximize the moving video quality it, has two built-in 5-watt speakers, interconnections panel that appears, intimidating.

it is in reality no, different from a TV’s back panel it may, not allow you to make the most of your, time.

if you are paying for a conference, room by the hour but it won’t require, expert setup either it is also meant to, be friendly toward your home electricity, bill thanks to the inclusion of a quick, startup mode that will minimize warm-up, times less heat generated is less energy, wasted and less time spent fidgeting.

While you set up the night’s, entertainment images are clear and, colourful enough to be shown outdoors and, the DLP lamps will last for at least,5000 hours.

it also offers 360 image flip, and decent vertical Keystone correction

Epson Vs,250 SVGA – Projector Under 500


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bigger does not always mean better and, this SVGA modelled by Epson is a great, choice for those who want a home cinema, experience in a small home this model, can project images up to 350 inches wide.

however the full resolution is at 800 X,600 which they have combined with an above-average contrast of 15,000 won the, result is very neat video quality.

provided the full size of the images, kept under 80 inches and a remarkably, affordable price which should allow you, to throw in a pair of nice speakers and, a screen.

while still keeping your full, best projector under $500, the display uses three LCD technology, and is, therefore, free from any rainbows.

it also offers a very simple setup to, any laptop thanks to its HDMI cable the, warranty and potential replacement parts, are all provided by Epson and therefore, come with the backing of a well-established manufacturer.

the, mechanical zoom ring is also easy to,maneuver thanks to its responsive button, panel once you combine that with its, integrated Keystone correction.

you will get a very customizable image size, without sacrificing video quality, finally, it offers password protection, which is always a nice extra perk especially for those 1of us who are, sharing living quarters with run mates, or children 

Apeman mini DLP – Projector Under 500


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This mini DLP best, projector under 500 is a true wonder of,micro-engineering it weighs less than,1.5 pounds and can easily fit in the palm of a manly hand turning it from, merely portable into spy gear territory.

worry not however it is not hiding a  camera or tracking your movements Edom’s, however, equip its own set of integrated, speakers and if the volume is kept at a reasonable level.

the sound quality they provide is, actually quite good if you need to add, an extra oomph to the sound of your car, explosions.

there’s a three-point five, five millimetres audio output jack that, can fit almost everything, in addition, it, also offers seamless screen duplication, and projection with any iPhone, smartphone.

it can also be used with, Android equipment both phones and, Chromecast but it will require an MHL, adapter or a Wi-Fi extender because of, its relatively low brightness.

this best projector under 500 will require closed curtains, at least if you wanted to double as an office projector and have a lot of tiny, numbers to show the projector under 500 comes with, its own HDMI cable separate USB and AC, chargers as well as a tripod and a mini, HDMI adapter.

 Viewsonic, PA 503 xxd Best Projector Under 500


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a projector under 500 a more than, capable DLP Best projector under 500 the PA 503 X by V, sonic offers bright colours for home, movies and business presentations.

alike, it is small and light enough that it can, be carried in a briefcase without, causing back pain.

although it would have, been nice if it came with its own case, thanks to its throw distance which, starts at 3.9 feet.

it is also ideal if, you want to pack it for the beach house, or long weekend getaway because you, should be able to find enough space for, it even if your accommodations are, minimal.

it offers a display ranging, between 30 and 300 inches wide for best, image quality.

it is best to keep it less than 100 inches especially if you will, by taking advantage of its reduced throw, size.

the lamp can last up to 8,000 hours if you use it on Eco mode however we, wouldn’t recommend this for watching, movies it performs great with slider, showers though.

although the rainbow, the effect is noticeable it is quite minimal, especially for its price range as an, added bonus it is remarkably silent.

so, you won’t have to contend with any, annoying fan noise disrupting suspense, scenes.

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