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Aaxa LED Pico Projector Features


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Aaxa LED Projector Output

We have the aaxa led pico projector so I can get it out, there we go all right lovely, so we’ll get to this later and on the bottom you have, all the plugin your USB.

I’m guessing to charge the device just in case if you’re plugging into a TV or like hook up your, Xbox you have this right here and they, also give you a tripod which we will try, out and see if it’s worth the tripod you, know what I mean all right and on the bottom we have their manual.

I’m guessing, they only have it in English yeah, in English so yeah still in that box we got the aaxa led pico projector.

we got this we also, have the charger for it, army this is the charger and the truck, lock so I’m gonna get everything set up, for you guys before we get into the, quality test.

I just want to show you the aaxa led pico projector and what’s on it we have the focuser right here.

we have your fan we have the branding name and here we have, the select button up jump up button left, downright.

we have the back button right, here and let’s see what is this I guess, we’ll all power on button.

Aaxa Pico LED Projector Battery Life

Yeah, this aaxa led pico projector has a battery life of 80, minutes so that means you could charge.

it, you’ll bring it wherever you want and, you could project really nice and really, handy on the side.

We have the USB port, and we have the DC 5 volt we have the aux port headphone jack HDMI and LED lights and on this site, we have the SD, card so you know you can put in music, pictures, and all those necessary things.

on the front we have the aaxa led pico projector on the bottom we have some nice grip.

we have a tripod for the tripod that, they include so the tripod already it’s, really stiff I don’t know that’s, a good thing or bad thing.

depending on, your case I guess it could be a good, thing but you see how it slides like, that but you know it’s free so it’s all, good you’re charging goes in here and, you can plug it into a laptop wall, outlet all charger and yeah that’s, pretty much.

Picture Quality Of Aaxa LED Pico Projector


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So now we’re going to, test the quality and I’ll get back to, you guys in a couple of seconds my, aaxa led pico projector here’s my wall the wall is, well over 120 inches so we’ll be fine, with it.

so now we’re gonna hit the lights and turn on the aaxa led pico projector we turn this on first just hold down that bun.

here we go, all right nice the tripod is really, hard to get the perfect angles well on, this is easily projecting about a, hundred inches right.

here it’s not safe to go over a hundred because the quality will get worse but you know if you, really need you that’s fine staying under sixty inches is perfect you can’t really see it.

but hang in there too all the way to the right we have our settings you could change everything you need.

you know your picture your contrast, and stuff like that to the bottom of, that we have your HDMI.

if you’re, hooking this aaxa led pico projector up to your TV and stuff like, that we have it here for your laptop and, then to the right, we have your SD card.

your USB if you’re gonna use any of, that then we have your photos then we, have your video you really can’t see it.

but it’s pretty good now I’m gonna turn, up the LED lights to see how well it, does in lowly and highly lit areas.

so, right here this is the max the highest, setting on my LEDs and you could still, kind of make it out we’re gonna turn it, down here the wrong button.

all right now you could still, see it and it’s in a pretty well lit, area which is really good doing great.

so the lowest belt on the switch colors, it’s really nice all the way off nice so, now we’re gonna turn back on the lights, turn all the way up and now we’re gonna, do some image testing.

I have my aaxa led pico  projector about any, type of this I have it about five feet, away and you could see that you could, read the words perfectly fine.

now, we’re going to jump into some HD video if you click the no, button okay select button on the bottom, you could see their 1080p and it really, is 1080 p25 blue domes might not sound, like a lot.

but I’m only on sixty, the brightness of sixty contrasts I think, and if you go a lot more, so this goes really bright it’s a really, nice aaxa led pico projector.

I would recommend it to, any of you that want something compact, and but powerful and its really it’s, good it’s good and really it’s a bang, for your buck like you’re getting, exactly what you want to spend them your money.

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